The Vhernier icons

Pure forms, soft volumes, an idea of energy which springs from curves, weaves, twists. And that sense of mystery given by details to be discovered, since a Vhernier jewel is never obvious. Icons are the creations that most of all display the grammar of the House.

Beloved as they are, over the years they have also been reinterpreted: new creations that preserve the original bold identity.


A ring inspired by the pure forms of Brâncuși. A gold band that wraps around itself, giving the sense of endless movement. Essential yet enigmatic: the 'resolved complexity' of Vhernier.
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Pure and powerful lines, and a resolutely modern design. Inspired by the conical shape of the lily flower, stylized to its core to repeat itself in a sensual echo. Bold and controlled, with an unmistakable personality. Vhernier's most iconic collection.
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A ring inspired by a sculptural gesture. Its generous volume is traversed by a perfect and sharp cut. Depending on how one looks at it, it either reveals or hides the light of the gemstones. The symbol of oxymoron.
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A magical and hypnotic ring. Its soft curves draw a bold and pure form that has the mystery of transparency. A sculpture in color.
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