Each Vhernier creation is the expression of an intense marriage between art and craftsmanship. Each jewel is entirely handmade in Italy by the most talented Master Craftsmen and contains an eclectic universe of inspirations. Nature and sculpture, contemporary and primitive art, design and architecture: artistic expressions that nourish the creativity from which each jewel originates.

Especially in a country like Italy, art and beauty, in the most disparate forms, are a natural reference: they train the eye in shapes, colors and proportions. Vhernier reworks this ‘unconscious education’ and makes it his own, giving it an essential and vibrant role within its history and that of his creations.

After a long journey of research and experimentation, the first jewels were created; their shapes are reminescnt of sculptures – one of the most representative codes of Vhernier style – their roundness bring to mind the works of Brancusi and Anish Kapoor, their twists and movements recall the forms of Jean Arp or the architectures by Zaha Hadid, and revel the surprises of certain cuts by Fontana.

Those of Vhernier are jewels that arise from powerful inspirations, however filtered by the rigorous and understated soul of Milan, which express love for a cultured elegance and a refined beauty, never brash. It is precisely by welcoming and interpreting the eternal spirit of art that Vhernier’s creations escape fashions and trends, becoming timeless, always current.