High design jewelry

At Vhernier the starting point of each jewel is always the design. When the House uses gems, which are of the highest quality, it does so because they enhance the design, adding further value and preciousness to creations that become unique and even more extraordinary.

Vhernier’s High Design Jewelry includes the Calla Caviar necklace and the Velvet collection, creations made in very limited editions with extremely complex and daring processes and, as always, with the most beautiful materials ever.

Strongly modern and sophisticated, Calla combines the softness of the curves and the magnificent anarchy of natural forms. One of Vhernier’s most iconic creations, this exceptional iteration is covered with a pavé of beautiful natural black diamonds.

The Velvet is made of thin waves sculpted in blue-colored titanium, each profiled with the most beautiful diamonds. Fluid and bold, it softly embraces the neck. An aesthetic shock and at the same time a wonderful new form of beauty