When one is guided by a bold and courageous vision, when one is willing to follow research and inspiration in unexplored territories, when one is determined to go beyond the ‘already seen’, one needs to have companions worthy of the enterprise. Vhernier immediately identified the Italian artisan goldsmith tradition as the only possible way to create its visionary jewels. It therefore selected the most experienced and talented Master Craftsmen, prepared to make any bold virtuosity and every folly, immersing them in the culture of the brand and requiring strict quality standards.

Inside the workshops, the age-old knowledge of Italian goldsmith art is combined with the most sophisticated innovation. Following its vocation as a pioneer of contemporary jewellery, Vhernier has gone beyond what is already known, to create new forms of beauty, which have become unmistakable expressions of the brand.


A particular gold melting allows for the creation of mirrored gold surfaces larger than usual. Perfect and without any porosity, they reflect the light admirably and are obtained thanks to a long, rigorously handcrafted process.


Another very important ‘Vhernier signature’, the Trasparenze are obtained by superimposing a beautiful and pure rock crystal over natural but opaque colored stones, so as to give brilliance to the gems and create an extraordinary chromatic effect. Seen from above, the color of the main stone shines through in infinite shades that change with every movement, while the profile view reveals the transparency of the rock crystal.


Vhernier is not only based on creativity, but uses engineering techniques to hand-craft jewelry that reveal great precision. This is very evident in the extraordinary Sorpresa bracelets: when closed they seem to be made entirely of gold, but when worn, their links reveal magnificent hidden stones.


One of the most demanding processes, the paves are made by highly experienced Master Craftsmen who work under the microscope; each stone is held by only two points, no more by four, to show as little metal as possible. Due to the complexity of the processing, the maximum number of stones set per day is equal to a few dozens: a small part of the hundreds of stones that each creation contains, like carpets of diamonds, extremely smooth and bright.
Faithful to its innovative soul, Vhernier wanted to propose a further evolution of this process: the Eyeliner Pavé. It is a sensual surface that hosts large and small stones, and which excites for the apparent randomness with which the diamonds are arranged. The gold shapes, colored with an innovative rhodium plating method, marvelously enhance the stones, in a smooth unicum and without any metallic roughness.


Following its experimental nature, starting from 2015 Vhernier has included titanium in his collections, combining it with diamonds. This creative choice involved a very long search to perfect the setting of diamonds in the metal, which proved to be a real challenge: titanium is very hard and locking the diamonds on the setting requires painstaking patience and exceptional skill. This process is practiced only by a small number of artisans, who have had to undergo a specific training.