Contemporary, diverse and sophisticatedly anti-conformist, Vhernier jewels stand out not only for their essential lines and bold volumes, but also for the materials with which they are made. Vision and research led the brand to explore the vast universe of materials right from the start, reaching unexplored territories. This is how, today, one of the key coordinates of the Vhernier style is precisely the unprecedented and courageous use of materials, both traditional and unusual ones. Thanks to an intense work of research and creativity, the brand has brought to the jewelery a contribution of innovation that continues to amaze with every collection.


Among the classic materials, gold has a leading position: exclusively rose or white. Rose gold has a distinctive hue, produced by an alloy created specifically after a long research: a soft, elegantly discreet shade, even on the largest surfaces. White gold is not rhodium-plated: a natural shade that makes the jewel more sculptural. It is gold in its most noble state. Nickel free, it is totally hypoallergenic.


They must be among the most beautiful for purity, color and cut offered on the market. Without exception, the diamonds used by Vhernier for its paves are always and only F for color, VVS for purity. The excellence of cut, symmetries and proportions is essential, even for those of infinitesimal size, because only perfect stones can give the uniformity and luminous softness that distinguishes the Vhernier paves.


Jade, carnelian, lapis, turquoise: these are some of the colored stones that Vhernier uses. They are exclusively the most beautiful, strictly natural and therefore never the same as each other. They are always cut starting from the rough, because they must harmoniously adapt to the design of the jewelry.


Due to its hardness, the lack of veins, the gorgeous black color, ebony is considered the noblest of woods. Introduced in the collection since 1995, in Vhernier it is worked with the same care reserved for precious metals and by the same artisans working gold.


Vhernier was a pioneer in the use of titanium, an extreme and enigmatic material, very distant from jewelry. Because of its lightness – which allows the stylistic freedom to create jewels of great volume while minimizing its weight, because of its wonderful color – extremely chic when combined with diamonds and which makes rose gold more vibrant, and because of its modernity, this material has become a classic of the brand that has used it to decline existing designs, such as the Eclisse collection, or to forge new designs, such as the Velvet collection.


A magnificent and bright white reminiscent of ceramic, but much more refined. It is the kogolong, a natural opal of volcanic origin obtained from the heart of large solidified lava spheres. A particularly difficult process, given its extreme hardness, which is rewarded by the splendor of the results.


Bronze is the protagonist of one of the brand’s latest experiments, the Coucher du Soleil collection. Extremely light, this ‘everyday’ material allows the freedom to create jewels with important volumes – band bracelets and rings, sculpture earclips – yet light, which naturally embrace the wrist, fingers and lobe, adapting to their movements. Contemporary and unconventional, it is used in combination with gold for unseen pieces of jewellery which wonderfully reflect lights.


Characterized by an intense and homogeneous black color, jet is a material obtained from fossil wood, petrified and stabilized over the millennia. Much loved by Vhernier also because of its lightness.


The key material of all Trasparenze, rock crystal is one of the most widely used in Vhernier. While not having a leading role, it is instead essential to enhance and brighten the colors of intense but opaque stones, such as turquoise or jade. As for all other stones, the best quality available on the market is also sought for crystal, because even the slightest defect would compromise the final effect.