There were ebony, kogolong, jet, rock crystal, even titanium. Vhernier’s research and relentless experimentation with materials – different, unexpected, unusual – today goes as far as the use of bronze. Which becomes the protagonist of a new and surprising collection: the Coucher du Soleil.

The collection was born from the desire to create a light and different jewel, and is characterized by the dialogue between classic and uncommon materials, as well as by a new processing technique. Bronze meets gold, creating wonderful shades of color that recall the multiple shades of the sun setting.

Faithful to his innovative spirit, Vhernier chooses to use bronze not in its classic appearance: when it is combined with rose gold it is in fact much brighter than usual; similarly, when combined with white gold it creates fascinating contrasts. Crafted by hand by the most skilled Master Craftsmen, the jewels are also offered without or with diamonds, of different sizes and in white or brown color, so as to further accentuate the contrast between the materials and the brightness of gold and diamonds.

Extremely light, bronze allows the freedom to create jewels with important volumes – band bracelets and rings, sculpture earclips – yet light, which naturally embrace the wrist, fingers and lobe, adapting to their movements. Also for this reason, those of the Coucher du Soleil collection are creations that can be worn from morning to evening with any outfit, in any season. In this sense, they are truly the expression of that multi-occasionality that according to Vhernier is one of the most important criteria of contemporary jewelry.

Each jewels of the collection is made of thin vertical elements in bronze and gold that reflect one into the other, in a continuous game of refraction: a new interpretation of that idea of movement which is an intrinsic theme to all of Vhernier’s creations. The result is a new design, unusually decorative compared to the canons of the brand, yet the result is always that purity of the lines Vhernier is know for.