Whether it was for its bright nuances, for its transparencies or for that unusual combination of materials, when it was launched in 1995, the Palloncino single earclip immediately became one of Vhernier’s most loved subjects.

Today, always animated by that sense of lightness, this particular design is reinvented again and takes the form of a joyful and versatile ring.

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Like its predecessor, the Palloncino ring embodies the soul of the brand with great originality: the bright colors of the stones, only the most beautiful; the sculptural volumes given by rock crystal, cut and carved by hand; and the diamonds, each one  and exceptionally luminous.

This jewel is an example of the brand’s renowned Trasparenze technique: a process skillfully carried out by the expert hands of the Master Craftsmen who create an extraordinary chromatic effect layering vibrant colored stones and clear rock crystal. Seen from above, the color of the main stone – jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise, rhodonite and white mother of pearl – shines through in infinite shades that change with every movement, while the profile view reveals the transparency of the rock crystal.

Its ergonomic shape, typical of all the rings of the brand, makes Palloncino, despite its originality, a versatile jewel, to be worn with great ease.

The encounter between a joyful design and the most beautiful diamonds sparks a new and sophisticated life to the ring and the single earclip, which become exceptionally bright in the white or black full pavé versions.

These new creations are the result of the skilled and experienced hands of Vhernier Master Craftsmen. The pavè, exclusively made with stones that are exceptionally uniform and that excell for cut, symmetries, proportions, is built so that each diamond is held by two prongs only, so as to create a very bright carpet of light, without any harshness.

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