Each Vhernier jewel is sculpted entirely by hand in Italy, by the most experienced Master goldsmiths. A unique code engraved on the inside of each piece certifies its total traceability, a fundamental requirement for the company’s sustainability goals.
As of 2015, each creation is engraved with unique code on the inside certifying its total traceability from the source of the materials to the workmanship.

A few essential tips

Each creation is designed to maintain all its original beauty with the passing of time. It does not require extraordinary maintenance, especially if handled with the special care any precious material would be given. Here are some tips and a few simple suggestions:

  • Store the jewelry safely and avoid direct contact with acidic substances, such as ammonia or chlorine-based cleaning
    products, which could alter the finish.
  • Remove your jewelry before any physical activities, spa-like environments, or coming into prolonged contact with
  • Clean your jewelry periodically by gently wiping the surfaces with a soft, clean cloth, such as a microfiber cloth.

We recommend relying on the Vhernier after-sales service for the following situations:

  • the refurbishment of any of our gold, platinum, titanium, bronze, and aluminum jewels
  • the polishing of our Transparencies, our famous combination of rock crystal with colored gems (e.g. jade, turquoise,
    lapis lazuli, etc.)
  • checking and maintaining diamond pavé surfaces
  • special attention to jewelry made with materials such as ebony, jet, agate, etc.
  • professional restoration of special treatments applied to metals, such as rhodium plating and burnishing
  • or if any problems inherent to one of our creations should arise

Any piece of jewelry, whatever its material, can be scratched if it comes into contact with another metal or diamonds. If it does, the surfaces could lose their uniformity, the stones could be damaged, or the setting of the precious stones could be destabilized. We recommend that you store each jewel in its own individual pouch to prevent bumps or scratches.

An even more unique beauty

The passage of time and the pleasure of daily wear will add their own dimension of beauty your piece of jewelry: it’s what makes the piece truly unique and unmatched and speaks highly to the story of that particular Vhernier creation.